All occupants over the age of 18 at the Certification Effective Date are required to complete or provide all required documentation. Identity will be verified by use of Government Issued Photo ID.

This community participates in the affordable housing program. Income verifications, affidavits and signed certifications will be requested. Assets will be self-certified unless otherwise required by applicable regulations of local and federal agencies.

Applicant’s current income verification must meet two (2) times their portion of the rent. Housing voucher recipients responsible for < $50 per month, shall not be required to have income more than $2,500 annually.

Unless one of the exceptions to the student rule is met by the household, full time students are excluded from participating in the affordable housing program. A full time student is defined as an individual who during each of five (5) months for the current calendar year (months need not be consecutive) attended an educational institution pursuing a full time course. Student status is ongoing and also applies to the anticipated student status for the 12 month period following the certification effective date. The following are the exceptions to the student rule:

  • The household contains at least one occupant who is not, and will not be, a full time student as defined above
  • At least one student is receiving assistance under TANF or AFDC
  • At least one student was previously under foster care
  • The student is participating in a program receiving assistance under the Job Training Partnership Act (JTPA),
  • The student is a single parent with children, and this parent is not a dependent of another individual and the children are not dependent(s) of someone other than a parent
  • The student is married and entitled to file a joint tax return

Please note, HOME units follow a different set of exceptions. Student Status Exceptions Policy for HOME units is available upon request.

Credit, Criminal Background and Landlord References are also evaluated.

Please schedule a tour so we may discuss all of this in detail!